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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald You can read this review, more reviews and other bookish things at Wensend.com.The Great Gatsby is a perfect example of American life and society in the roaring twenties. Jay Gatsby shows us the ideals and dreams of people who want to live ‘the American dream’. People thought of America as a place where you could start over. You could be who you wanted to be. But what happens to that American dream when you actually get there? This place just turns out to be the same as the place you came from. Jay Gatsby resembles this conflict between dreams and reality. He throws great parties, has a lot of money and it looks like he is really living the American dream. But who ís Jay Gatsby? No one really knows. And Daisy, the woman he loves, may be beautiful, but she is just as shallow as everyone else and only interested in money. This romance is therefore doomed to fail. Nick Carraway, the narrator, seems like the only one who is in his right mind and comments on different issues throughout the story.What’s so great about this novel, is that at first sight it seems like just another book about shallow people, but there’s a deeper layer within the story. You spend the whole story trying to find out who Gatsby is. What are his goals in life? When you finish the story, you just end up still not knowing. Is he the good or the bad guy? And who’s fault is it that the things went this way? This novel will leave you thinking about it after you’ve finished reading the book and that’s what, in my opinion, makes it such a great story.